We Are Community

Mereté is committed to supporting and strengthening our communities.  We are dedicated to serving individuals and families, community programs, and those organizations that enhance the quality of life for all in our community.


The Mereté Community

We are committed to supporting and strengthening our associates and communities in which we do business with. We work to foster a sense of connection and belonging at our company and in the communities we work with. When you are a part of the Mereté team, you have the power of community behind you! Mereté offers quality leadership development, employee assistance programs including mental health support and several culture and engagement programs within the company and organizations we work with. Mereté is committed to listening, learning, and growing. We will consistently and purposefully invest in the work required to lend support to our associates, community programs and organizations with the same goals. Our pursuit of excellence in all things includes the fight against racism, injustice, and discrimination. We are united in that pursuit and the Mereté Community is a safe and welcoming place to work for everyone including you.

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