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About Mereté

About Mereté

Who We Are

For decades, we have delivered highly effective hotel management and planning services, exceeding the expectations of owners and investors, while training and encouraging our associates to be the next generation of hospitality leaders.

Mereté culture is supported by each of our pillars and is represented by our name that is based on two Greek words – Meraki (may-rah-kee) and Areté (ahr-i-tey).

Combining these two concepts in the word Mereté is a statement about who we are and what we aspire to be. Excellence and passion are at the center of Mereté’s culture and everything we do.


To do something with passion, love, creativity – to put something of yourself into what you are creating.


Excellence and the tireless pursuit of one’s full potential.

Our Pillars

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We Are

We value the overall growth of Mereté, therefore, we are focused on opportunities not only for growing our portfolio, but also on the growth and development of our employees.

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We Set
The Bar

We set ambitious goals and strive to surpass them. We set the bar through our exceptional performance and results, along with our commitment to take great care of our associates, owners, and guests.

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We Have

We realize that having fun builds human connections, enhances creativity, and promotes a positive work environment which in turn supports a culture of excellence.

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We Are

We are committed to supporting and strengthening the communities we live and work in through volunteer efforts and business advocacy. We also believe that our Mereté associates create a community where we help each other and support each other to ensure our long-term success.

When you are a part of the Mereté team, you have the power of community behind you.

Mereté is committed to supporting and strengthening our communities. We are dedicated to serving individuals and families, community programs, and those organizations that enhance the quality of life for all in our community.

At Mereté, we work to foster a sense of connection and belonging – at our company, in our hotels, and in our communities. When you are a part of the Mereté team, you have the power of community behind you.

Mereté offers quality leadership development programs for employees. We also offer mental health support through several culture and engagement programs within the company and through our partner organizations.

Our pursuit of excellence includes the fight against racism, injustice, and discrimination. We are united in that pursuit and the Mereté Community is a safe and welcoming place to work for everyone.

Part of A Team

Hotel Industry Partners

We are proud active members in our local hospitality industries. Many of our management staff volunteer in leadership roles with the lodging industry’s respected organizations, including: